In today's age of texting and social media, we pride ourselves on our ability to 'read typos'. Our eyes have adapted to overlook misspellings and missing letters.

Omission challenges you to put your language detective skills to the test with a deceptively simple challenge: Find the missing letter! A famous quotation will be displayed, with all the instances of a single letter removed. For example...

"O be or no o be, ha is he quesion."

How fast can you figure out the missing letter? It's a race to beat the clock (unless you choose another mode) as you try to complete as many passages as you can. The faster you answer, the more points you gain.

But don't let your guard down! Omission is designed to conceal any evidence of the missing letter, and that's enough to sometimes stump even the professional writers who designed it!

Quick Facts

  • Timed, Survival, and Infinite modes.
  • Mode-specific scoreboards.
  • Dyslexic-friendly design.
  • Fully customizable game settings.
  • Keyboard-only gameplay.

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Technical Details

  • 100% free to download, play, and share!
  • Open Source (BSD-3 License)
  • Written in Python 3
  • Supports Windows and Linux